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is a site-specific installation intended to provide an immersive and emotional experience that was previously presented in Milan Design Week 2011. 

The greatest opportunity that we had was that the work was selected to be presented in a historical monument - the oldest concrete dome in Paris. The installation was adapted as a circular form under the dome, which defines the inside space as a place to be and outside space becomes a space for audience. There are 16 rings of slotted tubes on the ceiling, and each hole provides 60 drops of water per second falling due to gravity; in total - 3 tonnes of water - which circulates in the space.  

In 2011, we developed the LED ‘lighting-time control’ (ON-time / OFF-time) in the programming. We pushed the 'lighting-time' to reach the shortest interval possible, which is 7μs (1μs = 1 microsecond = cycle time for frequency 1×106 hertz). In this experiment, what we have achieved was to visualise / materialise a point of light in water. And when the ‘lighting-time’ extends up to 6000μs, the point of light becomes the line that is what we see the length of light in time in water. 


For its first event of 2015, Éléphant Paname, the art and dance centre in the heart of Paris, presents an exhibition/exploration certain to inspire a range of both emotional and sensory responses. The event is orchestrated by a British creative agency whose approach to innovation breaks down frontiers between art, design, architecture, technology and industry, with light as its fundamental driver. From 6 March to 31 May 2015, visitors are invited to take part in a voyage of discovery, interacting with a group of breathtaking, dazzling, captivating and meditative installations, some of them never exhibited before anywhere in the world, by ten internationally renowned creative individuals and teams. 

Project information

Statut: Finaliste

Lieu: 10 Rue Volney, 75002 Paris

Date: 2015

Surface: 200 m²

Client: Éléphant Paname, Centre d'Art et de Danse

Programme: Installation d'art

Project team


Installation Design: Dorell Ghotmeh Tane, DGT, Paris
Lighting design : Izumi Okayasu Lighting Design, Tokyo
Technical adviser : Tamon, Tokyo
Technical design : Archiee, Paris
Technical direction : Luftzug, Amsterdam
Water system : Bellrx, Tokyo

Photo: T.Shimmura
















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