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The Todoroki Ravine is a valley of wind. It runs through a dense urban forest in which the air is humid near the ground while dry winds continually blow through the sky above. We decided to focus on these two contrasting environmental conditions and to study pieces of primitive architecture in humid and arid climates around the world. We are attempting to combine the various building types that have been shaped within such wet and dry environments into a single house. The house is to be built on a subdivided lot in a dense neighborhood in the city center. We attempt to create an urban house that makes living in the city a richer and more diverse experience by drawing from the environmental conditions in the windy valley nearby.

Project information


Status: Realized

Location: Tokyo, JP

Date: 2015 — 2018

Surface: 188 m²

Commission type: Private

Program: Residential house

Project team


Architecte: Dorell.Ghotmeh.Tane / Architects, Paris

Structure: Yasuhiro Kaneda 

Landscape: Atelier Daishizen

Construction: Eiko​

Photo: Yuna Yagi







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