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‘PLAY 2 PLAY’ - Interfering dimensions’ premiered on the 20th April 2007 at the Ryutopia in Niigata where ‘Noism’, the first public dance company in Japan, is based. The piece was then performed in Shizuoka, Tokyo and Hyogo.

For this piece, the challenge of synchronizing a multidisciplinary team of specialists in Choreography, Space, Music and Fashion was embraced by Jo Kanamori the Artistic Director of Noism dance company in Ryutopia. The decision to bring together a team into the making of one performance unified the creative energy of these different specialists, thus producing one synchronized piece of ‘moving’ arts - one performance that embodied the synthesis of performing arts. We created the scenography for this piece – the space of performance. The intervention presented a specific moment of existence; an illusion, a fiction composed of a simple principal form. This ‘simple’ intervention created a rational absurdity through the multi-layered complexity of its own surfaces. The constructed elements stand as foreign objects whose presence poetically give order to the space. Light brings time to the space while darkness gives the same space silence.

Project information

Status: Completed

Location: Niigata, Japan

Date: 2007

Area: 200 m²

Commission type: Private

Client: Ryutopia 

Program: Scenography for contemporary dance

Project team



Architect: Dorell Ghotmeh Tane / Architects, Choreography: Jo Kanamori / Noism

Music: An Ton That

Costume Design: Yasuhiro Mihara







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