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International competition for the Tsunami disaster in Oslo, Norway 

A line linking two similar landscapes , linking tightly a place that has seen its people cr y and disappear through the power of water. 

A line that links Oslo beaches and a foyer in Asia , a link to another point on the planet ; another foyer that has caused a disappearance. 

This line avoids a literal reproduction of the Tsunami effect or event, it also avoids becoming a ‘neutral’ art intervention, it is not a monument, it is a direction to another place, a possibility to remember ‘Other ’ parts of this world. 

This line, is a crying line, where the memory objects that were left out of the destructive waves are stuck in an Acryl, they are frozen through time, a real memory landscape. 

It is a skin where you leave your letter to your lost beloved ones , a surface to write the grief of people who suffered through this event and other events , who cried for a flood… It is a wall of f lowers , a wall that gains its materiality through your activism, a wall that becomes filled out by your donations , that is lit by your contribution to help the people who cried or are still crying in this world. 

It is a two faceted boundary that separates virtually two different worlds , our world and the afterworld. A blurred boundary that is moistened like the tears moisten our eyes , it blurs the vision of each person standing on the different end of this boundary, evoking continuously this other world, a separation filled with memories . Memory objects . 

It is essential to see in this intervention a social act. It is not only meant to be a ‘beautiful’ installation that can be found anywhere around the world. It is here to activate us to help people in need, to contribute into the materiality of this skin by donating in the skin (between the walls of this boundary) putting in it f lowers , letters , donations ..…

Project information

Status: Competition 

Location: Oslo, Norway

Date: 2006

Area: 2000 m²

Commission type: Private

Client: Oslo municipality

Program: Open air memorial

Project team



Architect: Dorell Ghotmeh Tane / Architects, Paris













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