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The 'FUROSHIKI' is a piece of cloth that has been used by the Japanese people since Nara period (8c) as the world's first ECO-BAG. 

In front of Hotel de Ville Paris, we've built a temporary pavilion as a giant 'FUROSHIKI gift' from Tokyo.  Inside, there was an introduction of the 'HISTORY of FUROSHIKI', installation of 'FORM of FUROSHIKI', video projection showing ‘USE of FUROSHIKI’, an exhibition of ‘ART of FUROSHIKI' designed by French and Japanese artists and designers, and finally a workshop-style corner where visitors learned how to wrap with the 'FUROSHIKI'.  

Project team


Architecte: Dorell.Ghotmeh.Tane Architects, Paris

Project Architect: Haruki Nakayama​, Tsuyoshi Tane

Project Team:  Romain Alies, Iwona Szczepanska, Yosuke Tsukamoto

Communication Director: Noriko Tominaga | Cefj

Graphic Design: Kazuya Takaoka | Dk

Movie Production: Party Ny

Project Management: Mami Iida

Production Management: Chio Oba

Constrution: Art Event

Photo credit: Takuji Shimmura@DGT

Project information

Status: Completed

Location: Hotel de Ville, Paris, France

Date: November 2018

Area: 500 m²

Client: ​Tokyo Metropolitan Governament

Co-Organization: Mairie De Paris

Program: Art Pavillion













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