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This intervention is a series of changeable Landscapes that transform in meaning during the construction process and after the Museum is built. It tightly links to the Future building even before it is completed as it takes as its original inspiration the “Passage” that constitutes one of the main elements of the selected Jewish Museum Architecture. 

Our work consists of planting ‘clipped’ steel rods on both sides of the construction site, ‘virtually ’ linking the two sides of the site while the museum is still under-construction. 

It is essential to keep the part that corresponds to the future ‘passage’ in the building ‘transparent’ in the construction protection-fence. 

Through it, the visitors of this area are invited to view the process of the ‘Rift’ construction and consequently they will desire accessing this passage through the construction time. This is also through always perceiving of a visual continuity between the two sides of the Museums (emphasized by the rods) 

These Rods will also hold different information around the museum; while ones will be attached with historical photographs of 1000 years of Jewish history, others will be open for people’s interventions and comments on the project. 

Thousands of Landscapes . 

In different terms , this intervention is a ‘structure’ open for people’s actions . The beauty of the whole composition will come from the way these structures will be appropriated. 

While at one point, when attached with f lowers , the whole landscape will transform into a field of f lowers . At another point, this landscape will magically change when the candles are attached to these structures .

Project information

Status: Competition Finalist

Location: Warsaw, Poland

Date: 2006

Area: 2000 m²

Commission type: Private

Client: Warsaw Jewish Museum

Program: Open air art installation during Museum construction

Project team



Architect: Dorell Ghotmeh Tane / Architects, Paris













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