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This project brief is a master plan proposal for the reconstruction of Ishinomaki, which is a response to the Great Earthquake which occured on the eastern side of Japan on March 11th 2011. The primary aim is to research a possible sustainable approach for Ishinomaki and to think of ways to reconstruct after the tsunami disaster, in a longer perspective as well as a global vision.


There are 3 themes that we initiate which is to propose a masterplan based on the preliminary research. In fact, by take in to account for “the Ishinomaki reconstruction planning” by the city authority which can be clarifed and be possible to appropriate by the Ishinomaki local charactaristics. “Reconstructing Ishinomaki” needs a long-term effort to rebuild the city. At the same time, “Ishinomaki construction” is to think in advance, not only to reconstruct after the disater but also to think of the city where people live together. The proposed masterplan will introduce the city in a new scale that could provide the city with a more comfortable, humanized and diverse richness for its inhabitants which could in turn appropriate an inherent identity and contextural environment for Ishinomaki. 






Project team


Architecte: Dorell.Ghotmeh.Tane Architects, Paris

Urbanist: Grau, Paris

Environment EngineerElioth, Paris 

Association: Ishinomaki 2.0, Ishinomaki

Local Architect: On Design, Yokohama

Project information

Status: Proposal

Location: Kyoto, Japon

Date: 2011

Area: Ishinomaki city

Client: ​Public

Program: Plan for the reconstruction of the city

ISHINOMAKI cover.png








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