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As Shiseido cosmetic brand ‘Clé de Peau Beauté’ embarks on a new challenge to open its first concept store, we chose "Brilliant Cells" ― a theory that stands at the very core of this cosmetic brand ― as our concept and dug deeper into this idea. Using "light" and its quality of showing various expressions depending on the angle and surface of its reflection as primary material, we attempted to design a shop that is full of light, thus stimulating the five senses.

The "artwork of light" spreading across the ceiling expresses Brilliant Cells by use of 4000 pieces from "teint poudre éclat", a product developed out of the concept of wearing a layer of light on your skin. The ever-changing lighting controlled by computer programming and soft environmental sounds slowly transform the space with the passing of time. Additionally, the "centre table" is comprised of hexagons of four colours and based on the motif of Brilliant Cells. These table parts are original designs and by altering the height of the pieces, the table can be used as a display or gallery.

Just as human skin cells react to light, both the ceiling and table change according to the light and angle in which it is observed. In this space, visitors have the experience of being completely enveloped in light.

Project team


Architecte: Dorell.Ghotmeh.Tane Architects, Paris

Project Architect: Tsuyoshi Tane, Yuji Mukaiyama,

Technical direction: Luftzug

Construction: Nomura Co.,Ltd

Project information

Status: Built

Location: Tokyo, Japon

Date: 2016-2017

Area: 85 m²

Client: ​Clé de Peau Beauté 

Program: Concept shop













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