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In 2016 we've started designing a mixed-use building in a form of a cross-shaped pyramid in Jujo, Kyoto. We set about this project by reexamining Kyoto’s 1,200-year-old grid plan through the history of its horizontal rows, known as "jo" (streets), which are numbered from one to ten. Jujo [lit. “tenth jo”] is located at the south end of Kyoto, and it is a relatively new district that was named in the modern era. It is a largely industrial district that has remained both disconnected from the city’s old history and traditions and left out from new developments. We were commissioned to design a new heart for culture in this district that might be called the “forgotten Kyoto”. We are working to assemble a food market, hotel, and contemporary art museum to create what we hope will become a new cultural place in Kyoto.

Project team


Architecte: Dorell.Ghotmeh.Tane Architects, Paris

Structure: Bollinger+Grohmann Ingenieure

Environment EngineerMorimura Sekkei

Project information

Status: Ongoing

Location: Kyoto, Japon

Date: 2016-2020

Area: 12,500 m²

Client: ​Public

Program: Museum, Hotel, Restaurant, Food Market













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