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Saint Vincent de Paul have been for four centuries an orphanage, a children hospital and more recently a migrant center with the successful transitional urbanism of « Les Grands Voisins ».


The City of Paris, together with P&MA, have started recently converting the site into a sustainable mixed use project built according to the ambitions signed in Paris Climat Agreement of 2015. 


Situated in the southwest of Paris, in the 14th Arrondissement the large area is located behind the Fondation Cartier, on the Denfert Rochereau Boulevard.


Our finalist proposal is composed of 2 existing ancient buildings to refurbish and a one new building to construct for a total of 12.000m2, integrating 6000m2 of housing and 4000m2 of Art School focused on climat change, migratory issues and solidarity.


The building is constructed with renewable and local materials as wood, natural stone, raw earth, and cotton. 

A large part of the buildings is also made with recycled material from the Saint Vincent de Paul area deconstruction.


The buildings are running on renewable energy, all rain water is treated on site and 100% of organic waste and even urines are recycled onsite into an organic fertilizer.


The roofs are fully vegetated and accessible to the public for art exhibitions or for urban farming.


The building is giving the possibility to the residents and the public to reduce their carbon footprint by promoting a zero emission mobility hub integrated in the 2 underground floors of the building.


Project information

Statut: Finaliste

Site: Saint Vincent de Paul, Paris, 75014

Date: 2020

Built Area: 12.090 m²

Program:Housing, Art School, Commerce, exhibition hall, etc.

Project team

Developer:  BATI PARIS PROMOTION (Groupe Batisseurs d'Avenir)

Social Housing: In’li

Architects: Dorell, Dream et Lagneau

Projet Team: Topager, Atelier Roberta, Etamine, B+G, Bati-récup, Aamo, Los Patos, Jean-Pierre Galdin, Fabrice Hyber, Herve Dirosa, 

Project users: Association Aurore, EBANSN (and Fieldwork Marfa partners), Ateliers des Sevrés (Group Galileo), Singa, Yes We Camp, Station H24, Les Petites Cantines, Les Boites à Vélos, etc.

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