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Located on the eastern coast of Tunisia, Sousse is the Capital of the Tunisian Sahel. It owes its nickname “Pearl of the Sahel” to the mildness of its climate, its calm and beautiful coast and the hospitality of its people, that have long captivated those who came to conquer. Considered as one of the best examples of seaward-facing fortifications built by the Arabs, today the city continues its development, pushed by land scarcity, economical boom and the success of tourism.

It's a proposal for the future development of the main train-station area, including a dense program of commercial, offices and accommodation areas, as well as sports and amusement equipments ; a program that allows this site to become a real urban generator and heart in the city. Based on a precise urban study, the proposal is built as an intersection of the different urban fabrics around. Buildings, stairways and corridors, gardens and planted roofs, responding to the city scale, constitute the base of the project, from which emerges gradually a beacon-like tower nearly soaring 300m high. Echoing the traditional forms that make the country’s cultural wealth, the tower resolutely displays a contemporary picture with its skin glistening like the scales of a sea creature.

Project Information

Date: 2010-2011 

Location: Sousse, Tunisia 

Area: 200 000 M2 

Commission Type: Public 

Client: Private 

Program: Residential, Offices, Commerce And Amusement Park 

Architecture: Dorell Ghotmeh Tane, Paris

Engineering: Bollinger + Grohmann Paris

Art: Serge Cotti, Corsica 








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