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Art and architecture are fundamentally intertwined, and the project Living with Collections gives an expression to this connection, with spaces becoming one with the works displayed within. This is a collection for living.

The apartment is located on the north side of the 16eme arrondissement of Paris, where the team was invited to rethink the apartment's interior, their curiosity and conviction happily pairing with the client's ambition and objectives. The proposal foregrounds the owner 's collection, and suggests a new mode of living with art.

All superficial partition elements were discarded, creating four distinctive zones: The Entrance, where the absence of natural light and use of dark materials create allowed the pieces to be delineated as the key elements in the space. The Living Room, in contrast with The Entrance, is a pure white space, a place of freedom, permitting the breadth of emotional responses. The Office, a bridging space, was imagined as a cabinet of curiosity for pieces dependent on contemplation and reflection. The Bedroom and The Bathroom operate as private niches in this museum-like apartment.









Project information

Status: Completed

Location: Paris 16th, France

Date: 2012

Area: 250 m²

Commission type: Private

Client: private

Program: Apartment

Project team



Architect: Dorell Ghotmeh Tane / Architects,

Constructor: Artis

Photos: Takuji Shimmura









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