STATION HENRI 24 - RÉINVENTER PARIS   «The subterranean secrets of Paris»

“Sous les pavés, la plage !”

SERVICE-STATION  Infrastructure positioned on the Seine riverside, intended mainly to provide the necessary services for river and land transport, Active Mobility (non-motorized) Shared Mobility and Sustainable Logistics: Services, information, accessories shop, filling station, charging station, self-service rentals, small mechanics and troubleshooting, toilets, groceries, catering, wifi, etc.

RIVERSIDE-STATION Leisure and sport station located along the river Seine with spaces organized for the reception of visitors (water games, cloakrooms, entertainment, rental of sports equipment and active mobility (athletics, roller and skate, cycle, triathlon, surfing, climbing, etc.);


UNDERGROUND-CULTURE STATION  Shared place of creation and experimentation of the underground culture equipped with projection and sound systems allowing to host  performances of art, theatre, music, sport and also culinary (Myciculture, Heliciculture, etc) and architectural installations.

OBSERVATION-STATION  Station monitoring the quality of the air and the quality of the Seine river water in conjunction with the city City plans to make  accessible to swimming the river and more generally to improve the quality of the air in the city.

Project information

Statut: Competition Winner

Location: Tunnel Henri IV, 75004, Paris

Date: 2019

Area: 2500 m²

Commission: Réinventer Paris 2

Client: Mairie de Paris 

Programme: Station of art, sport and food

Projet Team


Architect: Dan Dorell (Studio Dorell)

Financial engineering: Vincent Thourin (AAMO)

Environmental engineering: Boris Bailly (I-Care)

Structure engineering: Huge Dutton (HDA)

Mechanical engineering: Franck Boutté (FBC)

Fire Safety Engineering: Philippe Hivert (Batiss)

Quantity Surveyor: Bureau Michel Forgue

Project Partners

Arkose, Relais Vert, Geraud, YdP, Recyclerie Sportive, Boites à Vélos, Col Vert, Le Bal, Aso, Razel-Bec, Fayat; CdD, Etc.

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