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This representation is a work of different viewpoints attempting to reproduce the heart beats of an Italian photographer ‘living ’ in the last f loor of an apartment at 52 Ludlow street in Chinatown, New York.

Heart beats that persist through the ticks of a Polaroid that voyeuristically peeps through the window frames of the almost disappearing walls of the place of his ever y day in 52 Ludlow street. A street address for an empty space open for imagination and that exists only to allow him to tell timeless stories of anyone’s New York outside. But also timeless memories that he accumulates through instantaneous shots of an ‘outside’ that he reconstructs and transforms into his most private and intimate ‘space’, the space of his ‘painted photographs’.

Reproducing Giovanni Ghidini’s ever y day ’s space or the apartment on the last f loor of a building on 52 Ludlow street, New York back in Milan is reproducing an ‘outside’, an empty void / hole opening up to the sky, f loating with no gravity out of its context. A space that announces itself as what we understand as a home through simple, anesthetic appropriated private objects , a bed, a chair, an eating table… buoyant in that reproduced enclosed ‘home’ which is reversely suspended from a ceiling as if it is lost a gravity. The latter is f lipped inside out with no weight like the inside of a Polaroid that prints its images in an enclosed in-between space framing a void; 

In Milan, you discover the beats of Gianni’s stories through an enclosed, intimate ‘homeless’ that separates the voided photographer ’s ever yday space as a core of his sprit. In a boundar y between virtual and real representations of his internal expression and a physical feeling in the city Milan is that a photograph exhibition space presents a virtual experience through ‘his inside world’ in double walls space. There you feel in a less material of materiality and ref lectivity of lightness and darkness of gravity in the space. The photographs of New York are then ‘painted’ as an internal projection of Giovanni Ghidini’s world > > > 






Project information

Location: Piazzetta Reaale In Milan, IT

Date: 2006

Area: 153 m²

Commission type: Private

Client: Giovanni Ghidini (Italian Photographer) 

Program: Photograph Exhibition Space Exhibit 30-45 photo

Project team



Architect: Dorell Ghotmeh Tane / Architects, Paris

Main Structure: Timber Construction 

Main Finish:Plywood / black anelin painted, Acrylic Panel 








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